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  • Lightly exfoliate the area to be waxed. (Please Note - Aggressive exfoliation will compromise the skin and make a waxing service inadvisable)

  • Arrive with clean skin (no moisturiser and preferably no makeup).

  •  For sensitive skin - Take a mild anti-inflammatory. Only recommended for Brazilian and extended Bikini waxes as it will help to relieve some of the discomfort associated with these waxing procedures, as well as reduce the swelling that you may experience.

  • Please advise us if you have been taking accutane or steroidal medication, or any other medication that thins the skin.

  •  Do not wax if your skin is irritated, or if you have any active conditions or infections in the area such as rashes, cuts, eczema or cold sores.

  • If you are a sunbather, or frequent the tanning salon, it is important to stay out of the sun (artificial or not) for a minimum of 24 hours prior to your service. Waxing services will not be performed if any redness due to sun exposure is present on the skin. This measure is taken solely for our clients' safety and benefit.

  • If you enjoy exercising, please do so before your waxing appointment. Exercise directly after is not recommended due to the higher risk of causing breakout.

  • Avoid sun exposure for a minimum of 24 hours, or until the tenderness subsides.

  • Please wear loose fitting clothing after waxing until the skin has calmed. Stockings and tight jeans can lead to irritation and ingrown hairs.

  • For intimate waxing, please ensure that you wear undergarments made of cotton so the skin can breathe. Don't wear silks or satins or until the skin has calmed.

  • Avoid all mechanical and chemical exfoliating agents for at least 24 hours. This includes all topical acne medication as well as all forms of retinoids.

  • Avoid strenuous physical activity for at least 12 hours. This is especially important if you are susceptible to breakout as the bacteria naturally present on the skin and in perspiration are more easily able to enter the hair follicle and cause inflammation during this time.

  • Avoid hot tubs for a minimum of 12 hours as your skin is more easily able to absorb the chemical toxins present in most hot tubs.

  • Avoid fragranced products of all kinds (soaps, lotions)  for at least 12 hours.

  • Begin exfoliating 48 hours after your wax and continue to exfoliate 3 times per week to minimize the presence of ingrown hairs. If you suffer from ingrown hairs it can be beneficial to discontinue the use of bar soaps as they contain ingredients that are known to increase the presence of ingrown hairs.

  • Once a 6mm growth has returned the area can be waxed again. Waxing appointments are generally booked 4-6 weeks apart.

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