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  • Exfoliate your whole body prior to your treatment and leave it clean of any products.

  • Remove all jewellery.

  • Leave your worries behind you.

  • Arrive 5 minutes before your treatment so that you’ll be completely relaxed before the beginning of the treatment.

  • Try to relax and take it easy for the rest of the day – if you can and feel the need to, nap.

  • Drink plenty of water for 24 hours after your massage as your lymph nodes, which have been stimulated, are removing toxins from the body. Your urine might be much darker than usual – this is due to the toxins leaving your body.

  • Avoid heat treatments (hot baths / showers, body wraps, saunas, sunbeds) for 24 hours.

  • Avoid alcohol, smoking, caffeine and fizzy drinks as they can dehydrate your body and add more toxins to your body. This would reverse the effects of the massage, since the massage is in-turn aiding the body in removing the accumulation of toxins.

• Avoid eating a heavy and especially spicy meal so your body can focus on natural healing and detoxifying itself.

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